Top 5 Stop Watches

The MARATHON ST083013 by Adanac
This is a highly popularized stopwatch that is great for daily use. It is considered to possess very rich features that often outmatch those of the more hyped competitor versions. With this stopwatch you can track both single and split event times without effort. The stopwatch has added bonus features of an alarm, a calendar as well as a standard time keeping function. This is known to be a very easy to use stopwatch with a very large and easy to see screen. The display information is large and contains well thought out button placement. It includes a black lanyard for use as a neck strap that measures 46 inches in length.

Interval Timer-and-Stopwatch by Gymboss miniMAX
This is thought to be a premium stopwatch geared for professionals. It is produced to function as both a stopwatch and also a timer. So that you obtain two distinct functions for the price of a standard stopwatch. It is designed with a highly visible black and yellow case that is made with a non-slip coating to minimize any possible irritation. This is a highly portable stopwatch. Instead of the standard bulky and difficult to use stopwatches that are commonly available, you receive a very compact and streamlined edition geared to perform in all conditions. In fact, the Gymboss miniMAX is known to be capable of tracking 25 2-99 second interval times. It includes a memory function that can store up to 20 programs. The best part is that the stopwatch obtains its power from only one AAA battery. This creation is both impact and sweat-resistant and comes with an easy to remove belt clip for attaching it to shorts or trousers.

Tough Timer Stopwatch Sportline 480
This stopwatch is manufactured in the United States of America. The Sportline 480 is preferred by trainers because it is a waterproof and tough sports watch. For those who participate in sports and want to keep track of their splits or of their repetitions with accuracy, this stopwatch is perfectly suited. It features a digital tally counter for accurate and easy to see readings. It is also designed with a shockproof outer shell with a grid-style finish that improves the ease of holding it.
The buttons are designed to be broad and are well-spaced. The large display is very clear and displays easy to read digits. If you take part single time activities, This watch is the perfect choice.

Simple Stopwatch, Assorted colors by Learning Resources
To achieve an easy looking yet efficient model for everyday use, Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch is certain to stand out among the competition. This colorful stopwatch is great for both adults and children, too. It has a three-button construction which makes it among the some of the more easier to use stopwatches. Use the green button to start the clock function. The red button to stop its clock. The yellow button clears its display and starts new. This stopwatch is designed to assist a professional athlete to keep track of their laps, but it is also great for classroom activities. Any child can make use of it to perform several math exercises without having to struggle with a more complex stopwatch. Many consumers find this stopwatch to be perfect for keeping track of lessons that are timed and keeping track of experiments for science lessons. This stopwatch is easy to use but is designed to last longer than competitive models. It is manufactured with high quality plastic with a design that is both durable and also stylish. The buttons are also long lasting, with a simple and reliable technology that is certain to create a joyful experience when u sing.

The MARATHON Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer
The previous version of this popular stopwatch, the Adanac 4000, which is listed as a bestseller on Amazon, despite being released several years ago. The same quality engineering was placed into this successor version. This stopwatch is digitized, reasonably priced, and with a sturdy and waterproof construction. It is geared to work even in outdoor situations. Its display is a decent size and made to be easy to read. It is constructed with large buttons with a well-thought out design that is not only stylish but designed to work flawlessly. The stopwatch’s calendar and time functions are very clear and accurate to read, while it also offers a split mode feature to support both single and split events including a freeze feature. It includes a strong lanyard.

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